IMG Composites training on composite repair systems to enable onsite personnel to carry out effective composite repairs.

The CompoSol® composite pipe repair systems are among the highest performers in the world, however, without expert application of these systems by our qualified applicators the repairs would be nowhere near as effective.

CompoSol® Pipework: The Highest Quality in Engineered Pipe Repairs

Engineered composite pipe repair application may look simple, but it requires professional craftsmanship to successful. Application is arguably the most important step for a successful pipe repair. This is reflected in the ISO/TS 24817 standard, which has appropriately rigorous requirements for Applicators and Applications Supervisors who are certified to carry out engineered pipe repairs.

IMG Composites applicators serve a minimum 2 years as a supervised applicator before they are eligible to engage in supervisors training and become an applications supervisor. During this time the applicators maintain a log book of repairs carried out both onsite and in one of the IMG Composites multiple training facilities in Scotland and the Middle East.

To view the CompoSol® Pipework Tech Sheet click here.

For non-engineered repairs IMG Composites' highly experienced applicators are a major asset as they are able to impart their professional experience in applying composite pipe repairs to participants of CompoSol® Grab-Wrap® applications training.

Grab-Wrap® is a reliable emergency pipe repair system, specially designed to enable platform personnel to perform effective leak sealing applications on a range of lines. The non-engineered repairs can act as a practical and easy reinforcement of a degraded pipe until a replacement or an engineered composite pipe repair can be effected.

'Our supervisors got together and thought, what would I want to see from an effective leak sealing kit for use in the field? And that's what we put together.'

John Rae, Operations Manager

Just like engineered composite pipe repairs though, Grab-Wrap® is much more effective when applied correctly and that is why IMG Composites host training sessions at one of our Scottish training facilities, to train asset personnel on how to use the kits. The cost effective repair kits do come with a comprehensive instruction sheet, but there is no replacement for being instructed on applying test repairs by an IMG Composites Applications Supervisor and benefit from his years of experience.

To view the CompoSol® Grab-Wrap® Tech Sheet click here.

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