Spider FAQ
  • CompoSol® Pipework
  • 1. What is composite material?

    Composite material is a combination of reinforcing fibres, such as glass fibre, and a polymer matrix. When cured, the composite material can possess a range of properties: glass fibre composite material will have high strength combined with high elasticity, whilst a carbon fibre system can be even stronger with a higher Young's modulus but the greater stiffness imparted may detract from usefulness in some situations.

  • 2. How does a composite pipe repair work?

    The first, and most important, part of the application process is surface preparation. The ideal preparation is to SA 2.5 standard, which will achieve optimum adhesion to the substrate. Other levels of surface preparation are achieved by machine or hand abrasion; these may be essential in circumstances where high levels of pipe wall reduction have occurred – it is possible to carry out a repair in such circumstances using IMG Composites products. If the surface of the substrate features a particularly rough profile after surface preparation, then CompoSol® Reinforced Epoxy Paste is applied to provide a smoother surface. Following this, the fabric is impregnated with IMG Composites own CompoSol® polymer matrix and is then applied around the circumference of the pipe. The axial extent and thickness of the repair are determined from the ISO/TS 24817 design standard. After wrapping, the repair is compressed to ensure consolidation and to prevent voids from forming, and is then allowed to cure. A number of in-process inspections are carried out to ensure sufficient adhesion and level of cure have been achieved.

  • 3. How do we know composite pipe repairs are reliable?

    Composite pipe repairs have been widely used for over decade in the Oil and Gas industry and by many of major Oil and Gas companies around the world. The real issue of reliability is who provides the composite repair. Composite pipe repair suppliers (often known as vendors) vary greatly in quality and selection is something that should be considered carefully. CompoSol® repairs conform to international standards and are subject to extensive testing to ensure they are reliable.