Many hundreds of CompoSol® pipe repairs have been carried out on assets around the world. With such a large catalogue of repair history, IMG Composites are capable of handling a range of complex loading situations. The case study below illustrates the excellent, comprehensive, service you get with a CompoSol® repair.

Case Study: 32" & 36" Seawater Return line

An Oil & Gas supermajor contacted IMG Composites for a large repair scope on a UK North Sea Offshore Asset. A Large diameter Seawater return line had multiple defects, some through-wall, and required a high quality composite pipe repair along a long axial extent of the line.

The line was heavy, as it was a large diameter line, carrying water and lined with concrete, which was a serious consideration as the projected defects were full circumferential though-wall holes. The significance of this consideration was further compounded by the fact that the line was in an elevated position, occasionally crossing over walk ways.

Therefore, as well as the standard loading of pressure, the axial stress and bending moment induced by the weight of the line was a significant loading parameter. IMG Composites Engineers were able to carry out calculations of various loading scenarios and present the results to the client as part of the service of designing the composite repair. The approved loading data was then used as an input for the design of the engineered CompoSol® pipe repair.

A final consideration was the ability of the CompoSol® pipe repair to reinforce the pipe when a support was removed from the suspended line, as one of the areas to be repaired with the CompoSol® composite pipe repair was directly above a support. The calculations showed the composite reinforcement was sufficient to tolerate the loads and the support was safely removed. To add further redundancy to the line, a strop was used to support the unwrapped section after the removal of the support until the application of the CompoSol® repair to the final section was completed.

Once the repair had been completed the client was very happy with both the repair itself and the excellent service that had been offered. The repair was applied in 2011 and has a 5 year life service life.

Bending Moment Analysis report cover